The Guide How to Display Art in Interior

Each person has a personal taste in art and the choice of paintings is guided by the individual's emotional perception of a particular image. In addition, hanging pictures in the right combination with interior style, colors, accessories requires a high level of creativity and industry knowledge. I will offer some options to help you in this direction.

1. A collage display of small artworks &combination of several styles called “A Gallery Wall”. 

A combination of several wall art, original paintings or prints on canvas in different sizes, styles or colors- glamorous, contemporary, black&white, fashion illustrations, modern, figurative art, portraits of celebrities etc - all types of fine art. The range of all these styles creates an interesting message, and unique wall art display.

2. Art leaning on the sideboard, console etc. over a hanged piece of art.

Sometimes you could just lean art to the wall over sideboard, not hanging it. It gives a feeling of edgy way of "dressing the room", decorating your space with art a little bit different way. Again, it can be used original canvas art, fashion illustration, stylish lithographs, or prints, any style of contemporary art is suitable in this car. You can find more choice in our section "Shop", where we present for sale a several different collections Fashion Illustrations, surrealistic images with dollar bills on canvas Dollar Art, a Collection of Celebrity's portraits Reincarnation.

3. Staircase displays idea.

Sometimes a staircase area is the most challenging spot to decorate with art. We offer to display art in different levels in same style and size to repeat elevation of staircase. 

4. Art in combination with decorative objects: mirror, sconces, dinnerware, sculptures. 

The art of display of art is a fun process, and you can use your imagination and include into the wall decor process many different objects besides original art or wall prints. It could be used wall sconces, mirrors, decorative dinnerware, and many other different accessories we use in the interior decor.


5. Art as a focal point of the room.

In this case we need one big piece of art, and we can hang it in the center of the room as a focal point. It is a space over a fireplace, over sideboard in the middle of living room or dining room.

Many original art works for sale in large size are presented on our main web-site by  - Big selection of contemporary art pieces, original art on canvas, in various sizes, styles and techniques.

6. Vertical way of art display for narrow spaces. 

Vertical way of art display can be used in narrow spaces we have in our home - it is usually a hallway wall, space between TV units and corners of the room, between etageres, etc. How to fill out the space to make it look good? In this case a small size of art works displayed vertically is a very helpful solution.

If you own same size collection of art prints, or fine art collection you can use them same way we did here on this picture.


There is many other different ways how to display the art, which we may continue to discuss in our future articles

We hope you found our information interesting and helpful. Please visit or Shop section to find the art piece of contemporary art for your room, and make your own space even more special.