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"Money Food" Canvas Art

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Money Food.

Limited Edition of 25 high-quality prints, available in 2 sizes 30"X40" and 24"X16", exclusively released art by Oksi (Oksana Tanasiv) on archival canvas. Stretched, gallery wrapped, mounted. Shipped with care.

Great art for home or commercial office, conference room, business and private locations, banks, financial organizations, investments companies.

The Dollar Art collection is aimed at exposing important social, political and personal processes, problems that exist in society such as corruption, gender inequality, political financial manipulation, greed. Through art, I show these and other problems that challenge and compel the viewer to look at the world through the eyes of the artist and to open a unusual point of view on certain events. What is invisible to the viewer can be seen through the prism of the collection, where certain objects of the outside world are depicted in the form of dollar bills and carry a certain informational message.

The original art available on artist's web-site www.oksanatanasiv.com

Dollar canvas art is series of limited edition prints, paintings, contemporary fine art collection with dollar collage available for sale online directly from artist.